The most comprehensive encyclopedia of sexual fetishes in the world.

Many fetishes have an official/clinical name, which often ends in -fili, -ism, -lingus and -lagni.

In order not to have to explain the last part of most foreign words in FetLex, here is a short explanation:


-philia suffix

from Greek -philia 'love, friendship'.

Used to form nouns that denotes a strong interest or fondness for something particular.

(The opposite is '-phobia', fear or aversion to something specific)



-ism suffix

via French -ism from Latin -ismus from Greek -ismos

denotes the exercise of a particular activity

denotes the use or abuse of something



-lingus suffix

from Greek -lingua 'tongue' or lingere 'to lick' 

Example show Cunnilingus (sexual stimulation with the mouth and tongue of the female genitals) or Analingus  (sexual stimulation of the anus with mouth and tongue)


-lagnia suffix

from Greek -lagneia 'lustful'.

Used to form nouns that Denotes something you find pleasurable

Fetish for Nature / animals

Fetish secretions / Body fluids