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Being sexually excited by statues

… or mannequin dolls.

Agalmatophilia is a term used to describe a person's sexual attraction to humanoid statues and sculptures. It is considered a fetish as it involves fantasizing about objects or things that are not typically thought of as sexually arousing. The term itself comes from the Greek words "agalma", meaning "statue", and "philia", meaning love.

The most common form of agalmatophilia involves sexual attraction to humanoid sculptures or figures, such as mannequins, dolls, and robots. These objects can be found in museums, in living rooms, in shopping malls or even on the street corner. In some cases, people may also feel attracted to works of art that depict human-like figures – e.g. a marble statue of Venus or a bronze bust of Zeus.

The activity associated with agalmatophilia can range from simply admiring the sculpture from a distance to more intimate forms of contact such as kiss and touch it. Some individuals have even been known to have intercourse with their chosen object.

Unlike some fetishes, which can appear suddenly out of nowhere, agalmatophiles usually have a lifelong appreciation of statues and sculptures since childhood. This may be due to an early interest in art and aesthetics, which over time developed into something more erotic. It may also be related to certain psychological traits such as loneliness and self-esteem issues. Finding solace in an idealized partner can be comforting to those who feel unattractive or unloved by others.

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