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Discover the ultimate guide to fetishes and their world with my comprehensive handbook. Access knowledge about the most common fetishes, as well as the more rare and unique ones, thanks to our extensive encyclopedia. 

Learn about the history of fetishes and how they affect people's sexuality and lives. 

Explore the many aspects of fetishes, including psychological, cultural and social factors. 

Gain insight into how fetishes affect society and how you can be a supportive and respectful part of the world of fetishes. 

It is my ambition that these pages should be your definitive source of knowledge about fetishes and the world's largest encyclopedia.

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This handbook in Fetich will continuously get better and better. Since it is now online, it is possible to make changes and continuously add new angles and new knowledge. Therefore, you as a reader are also very welcome to ask questions and make suggestions for content and chapters. 

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List of fetishes

Touching fabrics or skin

Suffocation (by self)


Steal / Robbery





Teddy bears





Choking (with partner)

Stuffed toy animals




Fantasy about others

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