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Being sexually excited by hair

Being sexually excited by hair, long hair. Especially on the head.

Trichophilia, commonly known as hair fetishism, is a form of sexual attraction to hair. It can manifest itself in many forms, from an appreciation of beautiful hairstyles and haircuts to an outright obsession with hair.

Trichophilia is thought to be a fairly common fetish, and it comes in both male and female varieties. Some people may have a general fetish for all types of hair, while others may be primarily attracted to a particular type such as long blonde hair or curly black hair. This type of fetish is often expressed in various ways, including discussing the topic openly, admiring someone else's locks from a distance, fantasizing about running your fingers through a partner's locks, or even having sex while wearing a wig.

The exact origins of trichophilia are unclear, but it may be due to the cultural significance attached to hair throughout history. Ancient cultures believed that cutting off one's locks was tantamount to removing a part of one's soul or identity; some modern cultures still maintain this belief today. Hair also has connotations of attractiveness and femininity – think Rapunzel – which may explain why it can attract people who are seeking an emotional connection with another person they are sexually aroused by.

In any case, trichophiles report feeling a strong sense of arousal when they come into contact with or see different types or styles of hair on someone else's head; some even prefer specific textures (silky smooth vs. wavy) or colors (blonde vs. brunette). There are also those who find pleasure in brushing, ironing, styling and cutting their own or someone else's locks. Some may enjoy collecting memories such as clippings from haircuts done on themselves or partners so they can keep them as reminders of their objectification fantasies.

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