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Sexual attraction to own or other people's feces

Koprofili, from the Greek kópros meaning excrement, is a sexual fetish that involves sex with or exploration of excrement. It has been known and practiced for many years, but possibly originates from ancient Egypt. Today, the sexual fetish has become more common and accepted in the public space, and has been given a new name: scatophilia.

Coprophilia can involve various activities such as touching, tasting, smelling or even ingesting feces. Some people may find it a disgusting concept, but for those who practice it, it can be a very exciting element in their sex life. Many find it intellectually stimulating and often have a strong emotional connection to this type of sexuality. Some turn on that because it is one of the most extreme things they can come up with sexually.

Although cowprophilia is not as common as other forms of fetishism, there are many online groups where people gather to share tips and tricks, ask questions and explore their interests with like-minded people.

Fun facts about Koprofili include:

  • It got its name from the Greek "coprophilia" which means "love of faeces".
  • Coprofily is often associated with BDSM culture (bondage-discipline-sadomasochism) due to its taboo character and repulsive nature.
  • There are many different types of products specially designed for cow profiles. These products may include latex gloves, panty liners, cleaning products, etc., all of which are intended to make the experience more comfortable.
  • If the image for this fetish makes you feel bad, then it's probably not for you.

Coprophilia in English – Also called Scatophilia and

Rarely also called Fekophilia

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