I simply sexually turn on jeans. I turn on both when girls wear them and when I wear them myself. I love having sex with a girl while she's wearing jeans, and I love having sex while wearing jeans myself. When I have sex with myself, I also like to wear jeans. Jeans are my sexual catalyst.

"Jeans" is actually a fairly easy fetish to have. No one sees anything strange in me wearing jeans myself, and no one sees anything strange in girls and everyone else wearing jeans. If you think about how many people wear jeans every day, I actually think it's the world's best and easiest fetish. Lucky me!

It should be mentioned that because I often wear jeans, I don't run around and be horny all the time. It is just as much a normal everyday garment. But if there's something intimate or naughty going on, I'm already dressed for maximum pleasure - and that's easy!

But I haven't felt that lucky most of my life. It was only in 2019, when I had really worked with the shame that I carried around in connection with my fetish, that I finally felt free and that it's just okay to have it.

In August 2017, my third marriage collapsed for various reasons. One of the reasons was jeans.

In the months that followed, a new hunt for a new woman began. The girls I met had all been told in advance that I had a fetish for cowboy pants. It had become important for me to get that message delivered in advance. At least then it couldn't come as a surprise. Even though I had gotten better at telling girls about my desires, I still felt quite a bit of shame about my fetish. I had a feeling that it would all be much easier if I either didn't have my fetish, or if I turned on something else, e.g. lacquer and leather. Because just as small SM games have become completely acceptable in our time, almost the norm, being into "paint and leather" has also always been something that most people could sort of accept, and maybe even understand. But I had a feeling that jeans were a very strange thing to turn on. For a while I tried to vent my thoughts and frustrations in various online forums and on websites for kinky and sex-seeking people. Here, the feedback was immediately quite good and supportive. The girls' feedback on, for example, Tinder was the same. There was no one who, as such, frowned at my desire. Several thought it was harmless and almost "lovely". But why did I still feel so weird about it?!

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