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Sexual arousal of smells

Sexual arousal from smells and odors emanating from the body, especially the sexual area.

Olfactophilia, or osmolagni, is a fetish in which a person experiences sexual arousal by smelling certain odors. It often involves a heightened sense of smell and an increased awareness and sensitivity to different aromas. This fetish can range from simply enjoying the scent of certain body parts or areas, such as the feet, armpits and genitalia, to more extreme forms of olfactophilia, where people experience sexual pleasure from sniffing objects such as clothing or underwear that have previously been worn by A different person.

Olfactophiles tend to be very sensitive to smells, even mild smells like those from cologne and perfume can trigger strong sexual arousal in them. However, it is important to note that olfactophilia does not always involve smelling another person's body parts; some people with this fetish may be turned on by the mere smell of certain objects such as leather or rubber.

In addition to being a physical sensation, olfactophilia can also have psychological consequences for many people. The smell associated with a particular person or object can evoke strong memories and emotions in a person experiencing this fetish. For example, some people may be turned on by the smell of their partner's perfume because it reminds them of the first time they met. In addition, some people, when participating in activities such as sniffing previously worn clothing or lingerie, feeling a deeper connection with their object of desire due to the presence of their scent on the clothing itself.

Some experts believe that olfactophilia is linked to pheromones – hormone-like chemicals released by our bodies that are known to influence various aspects of behavior and attraction between members of the same species. It is speculated that these chemicals play a role in increasing the arousal of those who engage in activities associated with this fetish. However, further research needs to be done on this topic before any conclusions can be drawn.

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