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Sexual attraction to dick cheese

A person who enjoys oral sex with a man whose penis has a lot of smegma, or “dick cheese” (the cheesy goo that collects between the glans and foreskin or around the clitoris and labia.

This fetish is considered to be one of the rarer ones. Often associated with homosexuality, but not always.

Some people crave the strong smell of unwashed genitalia and turns on it sexually. They can e.g. asking their partners to go days or weeks without bathing so they can produce smegma, a filmy mucus in their genitals, to be sniffed, licked and ingested.

The "smegophile" often particularly enjoys the smell and taste of smegma that forms around the edge of the head of a penis. In rare cases, the "cheese" from the genital area can be collected and then wiped off on their partner's lips or face. The latter as a means of degradation and humiliation.

The health risks of engaging in "smegma play" are less than wood Coprophilia, but bacterial infections and stomach ailments can occur, especially in those who indulge in it
activity for the first time.”

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