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Touching fabrics or skin

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Sexual arousal when touching fabrics such as velvet or fur

Hyphephilia (hyphephilia) is defined as a form of sexual arousal by stimulating substances such as velvet or fur.

Individuals who identify as hyphaphiles are sexually aroused by the feel of certain substances against their skin and may find pleasure in participating in activities such as cuddling with a partner wearing fabric that pleases them, or rubbing up against a textile object.

Hyphephiles often describe their fetish as “being embraced by the substance”

Some people with Hyphephilia need to feel and rub the hair or skin of their partners to achieve sexual satisfaction. Others simply prefer the feel of materials such as fur, leather or certain types of fabric. Those who do this in a way without consent, engages more specifically in what is called touchism. Doroplilia only refers to touching things related to animals such as fur, leather and skin.

As for the origins of hyphephilia, some researchers suggest that it may stem from early childhood experiences, such as being comforted by soft blankets or items of clothing during times of distress or sadness. Others argue that this kind of arousal has been around for much longer than we think – they argue that our ancestors would have experienced similar sensations when sleeping on animal skins and furs, which were used for insulation before modern synthetic materials were available .

There is also evidence that those who practice hyphephilia do so for reasons other than pure sexual arousal – e.g. they use textiles to relax and calm down after periods of stress or difficult situations. Eg. many people use weighted blankets for e.g. to reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality – which is partly because they provide physical pressure similar to being hugged or swaddled, which can activate certain hormones related to relaxation and attachment (eg, oxytocin).

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