6. What fetishes exist

6. What fetishes exist

It is impossible to say exactly which and how many fetishes there are. Because there are millions.


There is no definitive answer to this question as it largely depends on what people are interested in.


Roughly speaking, we humans can "fetish" almost anything. From body parts like feet and hair to objects and materials like denim, leather, latex and even plastic! The possibilities are almost endless. So if you can think of it, it probably exists.


Although there can be some social stigma associated with fetishes, they can also be incredibly fun and enjoyable.


On this website you can find my large online list / encyclopedia of all kinds of fetishes: FETISH LEXICON


Here is a selection:


There are a number of different reasons why someone might feel arousal from licking eyeballs. Because some can


Height fetishism is a form of sexual arousal associated with being in high places. It can involve boats

dick cheese

A person who enjoys oral sex with a man whose penis has a lot of smegma, or "neck cheese" (the cheesy goo that collects


… or mannequin dolls. Agalmatophilia is a term used to describe a person's sexual attraction to humanoid statues

Breath Play

Being turned on by this is known as hypoxyphilia (typically done alone) or Asphyxophilia when done with a partner.


For some, it's the idea of having someone they don't know get turned on there


A latex/rubber fetish is a type of sexual arousal that focuses on the texture and appearance of latex or rubber clothing. People with this

Steal / Robbery

Kleptolagnia, or theft as an erotic stimulus, is a form of paraphilia in which individuals experience sexual arousal by stealing.


Being sexually excited by animals. Many people find it strange and unnatural, but this kind of fetish is more

bound (be)

Fetish of being bound and at the mercy of another person. This is a type of bondage fetish. Can be seen

Choking (with partner)

Strangulation is the act of choking someone until they pass out. It is incredibly dangerous and can lead to brain damage. 


People with vicarphilia become addicted to listening to another person's sexual experiences and activities. As the name suggests, stays


This can include activities such as foot worship, licking and kissing the feet, rubbing or massaging the feet and even smelling them. Some

Wet and Dirty (WAM)

WAM stands for "Wet and Messy" and is the term usually used. Many WAM fetishists love to get wet and

Fantasy about others

Sexual arousal from fantasizing about having sex with someone other than your current partner. The excitement of a forbidden


Fetish to listen / eavesdrop on someone having sex, without permission. Ignition by experiencing things through sound. ecotourism,


Saliromania is a form of fetishism in which one experiences sexual arousal from salty or salty-tasting things, especially sweat that accumulates

Food (smeared in)

Sploshing is a sexual turn on of being smeared into food. This may involve covering for a person


It can be both a physical and psychological act. The physical part involves inflicting pain on the animal, while the psychological part

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