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Paying for sex / Robbed

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Sexual arousal by being forced to pay for sex or robbed

Krematistophilia is a fetish for being forced to pay for sex or even being robbed.

Krematistophilia, also known as a financial domination fetish, is a type of BDSM activity that involves one person taking on the role of “giver” or “dominant” and another person playing the role of “taker” or “submissive” .

The term was first coined by the psychoanalyst Richard von Krafft-Ebing in his book Psychopathia Sexualis in 1886. Krematistophiles are people who find pleasure in exchanging money for sexual gratification, usually enacting scenes with a person they consider to be economically superior to them. It can be seen as an extreme fetish aimed at power dynamics and humiliation between partners.

The appeal of crematophilia lies in its ability to create a sense of dependence between two people; one is dependent on the giver for money while at the same time consenting to their authority over the economy. The act itself can take different forms according to what both parties prefer; from simply getting someone else to pay their debt to complete financial control over their entire life. These activities can range from more symbolic acts such as gifting jewelry or expensive items to actual debit card loans with conditions that must be followed by the recipient in order for him/her to receive payment.

The emotional intensity surrounding crematophilia can be compared to other activities such as e.g. spanking, bondage and role playing, but with an added dynamic of monetary submission involved. Although there are some cases where the exchange of money is not seen as beneficial, but rather as dehumanizing and abusive, it is important that both parties understand each other's limits before engaging in any kind of play involving finances.

For some men, payment can provide a sense of power because the partner is now obliged to comply with their wishes and there is no guilt in not giving something back.

Opposite of Kleptolagnia / Harpaxophilia, which is the fetish for stealing / committing robbery or burglary.

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