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Eating people

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Being sexually excited by the thought of eating people or being eaten, swallowed and digested

Vorarephilia, also known as our, is a type of fetish that involves the fantasy or desire to be engulfed by someone or something. The word is derived from the Latin "vorare" meaning "to swallow" and "philia" meaning love. Vorarephiles often fantasize about being eaten by a larger being or figure, such as a giant person or monster, and can range from soft vorarephiles who prefer psychological scenarios to hard vorarephiles who prefer more extreme scenarios.

The idea that one can enjoy being devoured by another is not uncommon in literature and popular culture. it goes back centuries in mythological stories of dragons swallowing knights whole, as well as fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood, where the wolf devours her grandmother before being killed. In modern films such as Alien and Indiana Jones, there are scenes showing a vore-like activity. It is also found in anime, manga and video games such as Perfect Dark Zero where characters are swallowed alive by giant beasts.

Vorephilia can take several forms depending on individual preferences. Some people may experience arousal just thinking about being eaten or imagining it happening without actually engaging in activities related to it; however, most voraphiles prefer to interact with other people who share their interests through role-playing and creative writing online. Other forms include attending conventions dedicated to this fetish or participating in interactive art projects using 3D software packages to create scenes of imaginative consumption.

Vorarephiles typically keep their fetishes private due to fear of condemnation or misunderstanding from society at large; however, there is an ever-growing community of individuals openly discussing and exploring this topic together online. Despite its taboo nature, many voraphiles have reported feeling empowered when they indulge in their fantasies with others because of the safe environment it allows them to express freely without judgment or shame.

In conclusion, vorarephilia remains a relatively unknown but fascinating type of fetish that has existed for centuries but has only recently been explored more thoroughly within certain communities online. While those who participate in this activity do so at their own risk due to its extreme nature and potential consequences if discovered by outsiders, it nevertheless provides participants with an opportunity to explore their dreams and desires in a safe space with other like-minded individuals who understand each other's unique interests.

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