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The so called Rubber Pride flag, also known as the Latex Pride flag is a symbol used by members of the rubber and latex fetish community. It was designed in 1994 by Peter Tolos and Scott Moats
Fetish for


Official name

Latex/rubber fetish

Sexual ignition on latex, rubber, PVC and the like.

A latex/rubber fetish is a type of sexual arousal that focuses on the texture and appearance of latex or rubber clothing. Individuals with this fetish typically find the sensation of tight, shiny clothing arousing. They may also be turned on by the sight or feel of latex or rubber materials and by wearing them themselves.

Latex and rubber can both refer to different types of clothing, such as bodysuits, catsuits, corsets, leggings and wetsuits. Those who have a fetish for these materials will often deliberately seek out or purchase them to use in their sexual activities. It is not uncommon for people with this fetish to own entire wardrobes of various types of latex and rubber goods.

In addition to the sexual satisfaction gained from the feel and look of latex/rubber clothing, some people are also attracted to the idea of being "encased" in these materials. This can have a particularly strong effect when combined with BDSM practices such as bondage or sensory deprivation. Some people enjoy e.g. having their body wrapped tightly in a layer of latex/rubber before being placed in restraints to increase their sense of helplessness and vulnerability.

For those who wish to explore this particular fetish further, there are many resources available online that offer advice on safety tips when engaging in these activities, as well as product reviews and recommendations depending on individual preferences. There are also communities online dedicated specifically to those who share an interest in latex/rubber kinks, where they can discuss fetishes and share experiences while also enjoying an accepting, non-judgmental environment.


These materials attract our eyes with their brilliance. They allow us to enter a trance of tactile pleasure. The feeling of tight rubber and PVC on our skin is a sensation like no other. It triggers our senses and heightens desire, arousal and even euphoria. Our body reacts with an overwhelming urge to touch and explore the material further.

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