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Sexual attraction to Urine

Sexual act involving urine. Also known as "Watersports", urophilia or "wet games".

Urophilia is a sexual fetish where people find pleasure in another person's urine. It belongs to the category of paraphilic behavior, which includes activities that are considered atypical and/or unconventional.

Urophiles experience both physical and psychological arousal when exposed to urine or urination-related activities. This can include smelling, touching, tasting or drinking urine. Urophiliacs may also enjoy watching others urinate and participating in role-plays involving urination or wetting themselves or another person.

The origin of urophilia is not well known. Some believe that it may stem from an infantile desire for care and nurturing. Others believe that it is an expression of power play between two people involved in BDSM activities, while still others see it as a form of fetishism or voyeurism.

The health risks associated with urophilia depend largely on the type of activity involved. If drinking urine is part of the activity, there is a risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection (if one of the partners has one). There is also a risk of chemical poisoning if substances used by one of the partners have been excreted through the urine. If there is skin contact with fresh urine, there is also a risk of developing urinary tract infections as a result of bacterial contamination.

It should also be noted that urolagni (sexual satisfaction from watching another urinate) does not necessarily involve direct physical contact between the partners. It therefore entails fewer health risks than its "handheld" counterpart (urophilia). However, this does not mean that urolagnia is completely without potential consequences; those who engage in this behavior may still face legal consequences depending on where they live and how they choose to express themselves sexually.

People are attracted to urine sex for a variety of reasons:

  1. Prohibition and Taboo: Something that is forbidden or considered taboo may be attractive to some people because it breaks the norm or is something you "shouldn't do".
  2. Dominance and submission: Urine can be used in BDSM play as a means of expressing dominance or submission.
  3. Intimacy: For some, urine sex can be a deeply intimate act, a sharing of something very private.
  4. Sensation: Some like the physical sensation of urine, whether it's the heat, the wetness, or otherwise.
  5. Curiosity: Some may be curious and want to explore different forms of sexual activity.
  6. Biological or chemical attraction: Some theories suggest that there may be a biological or chemical reaction to urine that makes it attractive to some.
  7. Childhood experiences: Some psychological theories point to early childhood experiences as a possible explanation, although this is controversial.

It is important to note that as long as all parties involved give their consent and the activity is carried out in a safe manner, it is a private matter between the people involved.

It is said that you can spot someone in public with this fetish by the person having a yellow handkerchief in their pocket.

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