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Sexual attraction to stuffed toy animals

Plushophilia, is a form of kink and fetishism involving an attraction to teddy bears/stuffed toy animals. It has been suggested that the attraction may be related to childhood nostalgia and comfort associated with these objects, or to develop after experiencing childhood trauma and the person seeking comfort from stuffed animals.

In order to have sexual interactions with their teddy bears, some Plushophiles modify their plushies with a hole or holes.

Plusophiles can experience mental pleasure simply by touching, smelling or sleeping with their stuffed animal collection.

Plusophiles often claim that their interest in stuffed animals is non-sexual, although some seek adult-oriented stuffed animal products.

In recent years, the Internet has created a platform for individuals to express and share their interests in plushophilia. Social media is full of passionate fans discussing and sharing pictures of their stuffed animal collections. Adult-oriented sites also offer visually stimulating material for those looking for something a little more daring.

People who practice Plushophilia may be seen by some as strange or unusual, but it is important to remember that such fantasies should never be judged without knowing all the facts first. In most cases, Plushophiles are just ordinary people who have found something that gives them pleasure without harming others.

Related words: Ursusagalmatophilia, furry sex or yiff.

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