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Corset fetish

Sexual arousal of corsets

A corset fetish is a form of sexual arousal that involves wearing and appreciating tight corsets with laces. It can consist of a single person wearing or admiring the clothing, or of two people participating in a concerted bondage activity. People with this fetish may also be turned on by other items of clothing typically associated with Victorian fashion, such as suspenders, busts and petticoats.

Corsets have been around since the 16th century and were originally used to shape and accentuate the female form. Gradually, corsets began to take on more erotic connotations as women began to wear them to create a sensual silhouette. With prolonged use, some people eventually became aroused by the tight binding and its ability to shape the curves into an hourglass figure.

Today, many lingerie stores offer both traditional corsets and modern versions such as lingerie sets that mix elements from both styles. These parts not only allow for interesting activities in the bedroom, but also for those who appreciate the aesthetic beauty of corsets. Also, these garments are often extremely comfortable when made from soft fabric like silk or velvet, so they're great for everyday wear too!

It is important to note that not everyone who enjoys wearing corsets has a fetish for them. Rather, it is about being sexually aroused by the sight or feel of them. Typically, those who have a fetish will experience heightened sensations when touching or looking at these items, and some may even be overcome with intense pleasure when their partner wears one during sex play.

If you are curious to explore your own interest in corset related activities, it is best to start slowly by reading up on the history and etiquette of wearing them as well as becoming familiar with the different types/styles of corsets that are available today. Also, if you plan to attend events where people will be participating in BDSM activities, it's important to do your research before you go so you know what kind of behavior is expected of everyone involved.

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