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Sexually attracted to trees

Also see Dendrophilia.

Arbophilia is a fetish involving an attraction to trees, which can be expressed in various ways. It typically includes the desire to interact with or climb trees, as well as feelings of fondness and admiration for them. Arbophiles find beauty in the crackling of leaves, the strength of bark and branches, and the mystery of their natural growth.

The word arbophilia comes from the Latin words "arbor", meaning tree, and "philia", meaning love. Over time, it has become a broader term for any kind of emotional connection between people and trees. Some people feel e.g. attracted to certain types of trees such as conifers or birches, while others simply appreciate the calming presence they bring into our lives.

It is important to note that arbophilia is not considered a mental disorder. Rather, it is seen as a person's unique form of expression when connecting with nature. In fact, many studies have shown that spending time near trees can reduce stress levels and depression. In addition, forests provide clean air by absorbing carbon dioxide in exchange for oxygen, making them an invaluable part of our environment.

When it comes to understanding arbophilia specifically, it is worth noting that researchers believe that this type of fetish may be linked to evolutionary mechanisms that allowed humans to feel safe and connected to nature. This connection could explain why some people feel particularly drawn to trees and seek their comforting presence.

Regardless of the level of someone's fascination with trees—whether they are merely happy admirers or avid climbers—one thing is true: these living organisms give us a sense of peace that no other species can imitate, and which have been crucial for many generations before us.

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