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Being sexually turned on by hands.

Hand fetishism is a form of sexual arousal in which the sight, feel and/or smell of hands become sexually stimulating. This can include anything from admiring someone's manicured nails to feeling turned on by wearing gloves or other accessories related to hands.

Cheirophilia, or hand fetish, is a form of sexual attraction to hands and touching hands. It is believed to be one of the oldest fetishes known to mankind, as it is documented in ancient Greek scrolls from over 2400 years ago.

Cheirophilia involves a person being sexually aroused by the texture, smell, look and feel of their partner's hands. This can include not only enjoying touch with one's own hands, but also being touched by someone else's hands. The fetish can be further explored through activities such as hand play, hand massage, caressing, licking and even kissing. Some people may enjoy just watching their partner run their hands together or around their body.

The psychological aspect behind cheirophilia is often related to the idea of intimacy created when two people touch each other's hands. A feeling that cannot be duplicated with any other part of the body. This intimate connection between two people can be deeply satisfying and provide physical comfort after experiencing a traumatic event.

You can cultivate safe cheirophilia by using rubber gloves 😉

The history behind cheirophilia goes back centuries and will most likely remain a highly sought after fetish for many years due to its deep connotations linked to intimacy and trust between partners.

Try kissing your partner's hands for a few minutes yourself – or vice versa. Notice if it doesn't feel nice and intimate.

Sexual attraction to other than the body parts that are "normally" considered to be sexual is also called partialism.

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